Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7 Ways to Wear It {a guest post}

I'm so excited to have Danielle from I Like Boring Things guest posting on the blog today.  She has the cutest style and blog.  I love this post about 7 different ways you can style one dress, I would've never thought of some of her ideas!  I've disabled comments on this post so that you can go over to her blog and leave her some loving :) 

Hello Second Hand Solace readers! My name is Danielle from I Like Boring Things. I enjoy writing about fashion (especially thrifting), food, photography, crafts, and my everyday life and have been blogging a few years now.

Thrifting is a huge passion of mine and I always gravitate towards the cute frocks: I just love wearing dresses, in fact I might wear one everyday if I had enough. Because of this love of dresses, I have always tried to come up with new ways to wear the dresses I have. Mixing and matching can help make a dress last through 3 seasons vs. 1, or if you go on vacation knowing a few ways to wear one piece can be a huge suitcase room saver.Today we will explore 7 ways you can do this with most dresses.

Let's talk about my dress. It's a thrifted sleeveless frock. Details include button up, and collar style top, with a full skirt from the waist to knees, all in a blue-green gingham pattern. (Like I said most of these tips are easily transferable to other dresses- so don't fret if you don't have a similar dress).

1. It's in the details
Try adding an article of clothing with a special detailing. This tip will help change the look of the dress, and also can help in the sleeve department for colder weather.

In my case I chose a cream colored top with pretty detailing around the collar. Not only did this help add a little interest, but it also accentuates the collar on my dress.

2. Go Monochrome!
A great way to work with a patterned dress is by adding a solid color that matches. This helps instantly unify your look. Also choosing a collar like a turtle neck changes the entire feel of the top half of my dress. It helps instantly dress the outfit up, allows me to wear color but tone down a pattern.

3. Jacket + Boots + Scarf 
This combo equals an instant fall favorite. It will certainly keep you warm by covering up those arms, legs, and neck. Which means you can enjoy this dress well into the cold weather. And if you are still cold, add some tights!

This combo works well dressed up or down. Adding slouchy boots vs. heeled fitted boots will make a huge difference in the overall look of the outfit.

4. Puff it up. 
Try adding some crinoline to a full skirt. This will add a lot of fun to any outfit. I paired mine with a fitted black shirt, necklace, and boots to complete the dressy but fun look.

5. Add a Belt. 
Adding a belt can be great for helping to break up a pattern. Whether you layer then belt (as seen in picture) or just belt the dress itself. It will bring a new take on the dress. I enjoy belting a top when wearing it over a skirt because it helps to define my waist.

Try experimenting with different colors, textures, and widths of belts. They are a great accessory.

6. Don't be afraid to add more color 
In my case I added a plum skirt. I would have tried mustard, or orange with this particular blue-green as well. It's OK to add more color to an outfit- just make sure they look nice together whether they compliment or contrast.

Tip: It you are worried your colorful pattern might be too much alongside another color try adding a neutral to buffer in between. In my case I used a neutral sweater.

7. Skirt it. 
This one is by far the easiest and possibly most effective. Try pairing another skirt over top of your dress. It can help by adding inches to a hem, or just giving you a new take on the same old dress. This will work great in neutrals or colors(see 6).

Other Tips: 
Also depending on the length and cut of your dress try adding pants or leggings underneath, or if it's not too bulky tuck it right into a pair of pants. I have a dress that I actually like even more as a shirt tucked in.

And last but not least do not be afraid to try new things! Even if you aren't sure just slap on a few strange combos together and see what you like. It's all trial and error, but watch out because you might surprise yourself. Happy mixing! Thanks for reading and don't forget to stop by my blog and say hi!

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