Thursday, November 22, 2012

india loves

today, just as every day,
there is so much to be thankful for.
i'm writing this post,
to express my gratitude
for all of life's inspiring moments.
to the people who  inspire us,
reach into the very center of our being,
and leave a hand print on our heart and soul.
i have had the privilege
of meeting and talking with
so many people
who have inspired me
and continue to inspire me
on a daily basis,
 and the three girls pictured below are no exception.

their stories start long before i met them back in the summer of 2008:
one, a motherless girl of nine, taking care of her father and three little brothers, 
the other, a child of the streets,
and the third,whose story is unknown to the camp counselors who took her in.
you wouldn't know,
by their joyful, innocent expressions,
that they struggle to find ,
just one meal a day.
that they  are considered 
by some of those living in their community,
that everyday is a struggle, 
a fight to survive.
and despite these hardships,
they welcomed me with loving arms
and embraced me as one of their own.
for the few days that i was their counselor at camp,
they never left my side.
they each had a stubborn, relentless, fighting spirit

that shined through their big, black eyes.
they were truly the most joyful kids i have ever met .
these three girls captured my heart
and continue to inspire me each and every day,
to love as they love,
to fight as they fight,
to hope as they hope,
to dream as they dream,
and to always be thankful,
for each and every day
for each and every struggle
and  each and every adventure,
that leads us to those people,
however big or small,
who inspire us the most .


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  2. this life you're living, the lives your touching... it's a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing your light and for inspiring.

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  3. They say like attracts like- so you too must have a "stubborn, relentless, fighting spirit". Good, the world needs it. Here from the Weekend Showcase Hop and thought this post was inspirational. BB2U

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