Friday, November 2, 2012


i've been thinking about the difference between
"happy people" and "unhappy people".
the biggest difference i've observed between the two?
it isn't what each has or each has not.
it isn't the trials they have faced.
it is quite simply,
their perspective.
their perspective on
the good
the bad
and everything in between.
the way i see it,
every single minute
of every single day
we each have a choice
to be positive
or negative.
to embrace each and every situation.
after all, what is a "bad" situation
other than an opportunity to
and change?
our past makes us who we are.
it is our story
that can be used to help others along 
on their journey.
embrace your past,
enjoy the present
and keep your eyes fixed on your future.
and happiness will find you.



  1. That's so true! As they saying goes- 10% of life is what happens to us and the rest 90% is how we react to it.

  2. Very nice post; you're wise beyond your age!

  3. Hi Brittany! I believe it is so true that your happiness depends upon your perspective. This is something I continuously work on :))

    Thanks for sharing with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party!

  4. i am so excited i found your blog and am loving your wisdom in this post. it is true. i remind myself there are people out there who are happier with much less than what i have. i think happiness is something you work on every day too, it is an effort and it does take conscious decisions to "choose joy" if you will.

    i'm thrilled to be your newest follower...and hey, i love john mayer and green tea as well. ;)


  5. beautiful post, but the little snippet in the pictures caught me in my gut. A box full of darkness is a gift, I've learned so much about myself from finding my way after a really tough time.
    I'm over from the Weekend Showcase Blog Hop, and a new follower.

  6. ESO!!! This is exactly what BB's all about and I love finding a like spirit. Here from the WSBH and I'm a gonna pin ya right now. BB2U

  7. This is so true. I know people who are perpetually unhappy, and see everything around them as being against them. It's kinda depressing -- I want to help them, but have no idea how to reach them effectively, if that makes sense...