Saturday, May 26, 2012

Extreme Couponing

Last week, I accidentally intentionally broke my second-hand/thrift rule.  You see, it just so happened that I received two coupons in the mail from Kohl's, one for $10.00 of any purchase and another for 15% off a purchase.  I also happened to have $10.00 of Kohl's cash as well.

At Kohl's, you're allowed to use multiple coupons on a purchase as long as they are different type of coupons. For example, you can use two coupons if one of them is for $$$ off and the other is a % off, but you can't use two percent off coupons together.  The Kohl's cash can also be used in combination with these coupons.  

Using these coupons, I was able to get these cute sandals (from the kids section..shhhh don't tell!) AND a necklace for a grand total of.....$1.01 (I'd say that was worth breaking my thrift rule):

(The nail polish is Sally Hansen Gem Crush)

I've had lots of luck with getting free (or nearly free) clothes and accessories from Kohl's in the past, be on the look out for another post in the following week about that.

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