Thursday, May 17, 2012

Spring Cleaning + Trends

Before starting this project, I figured it would be beneficial to go through my clothes, get rid of clothes I don't wear and organize my closet.  Luckily, I had just moved back home from college, so I had no other choice than to organize.  Here is the final result...

(Dresses are on the left, nicer shirts and skirts on the right.  In the middle you'll find solid shirts, printed tanks/shirts, summer scarves (below), jeans and dress bottoms.  In the plastic containers you'll find layering tanks, bathing suits, tights, socks, etc.) 

Next, I flipped through fashion magazines, catalogs from some of my favorite (unaffordable) stores and websites (pinterest!) to find out what was trending this Spring.  Of course, I'm totally smitten for the "modern romance" trend filled with lace, ruffles, florals and peplums.  I'll also be checking the thrift stores for anything high waisted.  Having a plan before entering the thrift store can make the hunt a little less stressful...but normally I just go in looking for anything that flatters MY figure (because CONFIDENCE is the best trend of them all!).  

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be doing a post on one of my favorite thrift store finds to date (and the first outfit post of this project!)  so stay tuned :) 

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