Friday, July 13, 2012

14 years in the making...

Today is a big day over here for this girl:

WHY, you ask?
well, for the past 14 years, I've  worn glasses every single day.
that's about 5100 days.
they've become my signature look, I guess.
I even had a friend tell me once that he creeped through all my facebook pictures and couldn't find a single picture of me without my glasses.
yup, I'm attached.
they've become  a security blanket.
kinda like those people you see on What Not to Wear who refuse to change their haircut they've had for the past 30 years.
well today, all that is about to change.
this girl is giving contacts a try!
and I'm quite nervous,
even though my boyfriend assures me that it's totally not a big deal at all and i'm overreacting it'll be ok.
Here's a little sneak peek of what's to come:


(yeah , I know,  I was pretty fly back in the day)
What am I most excited about?
I can finally wear sunglasses AND be able to see!
I really do believe that Summer is the best time for change.
What changes are you making this  summer?



  1. My husband NEEDS his glasses. The frame his face oh so nicely, but he's been DYING to try contacts! The military offers completely free laser eye surgery for his career field, as well, and he's dying to take them up on it, but he's totally terrified. Can't blame him! His glasses are like a security blanket to him too, but an itchy wool one. :) Thanks so much for linking up for Find + Follow Friday! I'm happy we found each other! I was a music-ed major originally too :) Saxophone though. ;)

    -Nicole @ Me + the Moon

    1. Oh! And newest follower via GFC + Twitter :)

    2. i love the saxophone! I'm enjoying the contact but I think I'm one of those that benefits from glasses framing my face too :)

  2. good luck... its not that bad, you can swap back and forth ... that is what i do!

    1. that's what I've been doing too! it's always fun to have options ;)

  3. That is great! Glad you are excited. I am lucky enough to not need glasses, but am the only one in my family(Mom,sister, brother, bio-Dad, even my Step-Dad)! So, I know the love/hate relationship that goes with the glasses. Good luck with the contacts!
    This summer I am attempting a transformation for myself too. So far I have lost 15 pounds since the end of the school year. My goal is to lose a total of 69 pounds. I joined after losing the first 7 pounds, and that has really helped to keep me on track and motivated. I highly reccommend the site for anyone trying to lose weight or maintain. It is free.

    1. that's awesome! congratulations on your weight loss! I have the myfitnesspal app too and I love it, I never realized how much sugar I as consuming until I started using their food tracker.

  4. Hey Brittany! I'm not sure if you also have me, but I can't wait to send you your lil treasure for the jewelry swap! And congrats to no more glasses! :) Yay!

  5. Ahh congratulations and best of luck with your contacts, I am sure you'll look great! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Twirling Clare

  6. ah good luck with contacts!

    come say hi over at

    have a wonderful day!