Thursday, August 9, 2012

Back from the Olympics!

GUESS WHO'S BACK!  As much as I'd love to post my 3249324783 pictures and fun stories from the Olympics, this girl is JET LAGGED.  So, for tonight I thought I'd share the video from my favorite performance... our unplanned parade through the USA Olympic house!

Here's a little write up about it written by our band director:

"So after a smashing reception on Exhibition Road, we prepped for an "unknown" performance in a parade block of members standing two by two. As we prepped, an official from KI Concerts ran out to congratulate us saying "Not until your performance did thus turn into a festival. You changed the atmosphere of the event and made it come alive. No other group has done this!" Quite a compliment to our little university in Northern PA!
But after this, we walk through Royal Albert Music Hall - another must see for our students, but the surprise lay ahead. You see, our performance was a last minute, impromptu parade - through the USA Olympic Headquarters in London This is a place where the athletes come to relax and socialize. We marched in two by two to a drum cadence, and at their request, play Entry by Fanfare - a 30 second Olympic-like fanfare heard on the Exhibition road by chance. A chance encounter that afforded our students to play for many USA Olympians, coaches and team staff members. A chance that NO OTHER PA OR USA School was given. Once in a life-time and unscheduled. So well received that the venue manager and an Olympic Athlete asked to have a picture taken. So special that every person there had their phones and cameras capturing us. So special that our videographer was asked to remain behind so the Olympic folks could get a copy of HIS footage to place on THEIR site. (and people wonder why and if this was worthwhile!!!!!)"

And of course...the video!  You can also find it on!!!!!!!

More pics and stories to come :)

P.S. here's another fun one I found:


  1. That's so awesome! I was just telling my hubby how going to the Olympics is on my bucket list. Looking forward to seeing all the pics!! Following you from the blog hop. Stop by and visit when you can ;)
    xo sandra

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