Friday, October 5, 2012

a casual conversation


the other day,
i was sitting up in our music center 
talking to some friends
while i was waiting for one of my violin students to arrive.
the percussion teacher, Conrad, 
came and sat down  with us and asked about the  posters i had put up for homecoming.
He asked me:
"why do you want to be homecoming queen?"
my first response: "i don't know"
but then i thought more about it,
and began to explain
how i came to mansfield,
having spent high school not involved in much of anything
but wanting to turn over a new leaf,
and get involved. 
so i did. 
i joined hall council, activities council, mountie guides, residence life, etc.
and running for homecoming was the last thing i wanted to do
before i left and ventured forwards in life.
he replied:
"wow, it seems like you really found yourself here." 
his response took me a back a little.
and made me  think.
and think
and think.
and you know what?
he's right.
i spent much of my senior year of high school,
resisting the idea of college.
i applied to all of TWO schools,
the only two schools I could find that didn't have essays on their applications.
i was that unmotivated and against the idea of going to college.
upon acceptance,
i reluctantly  came up to mansfield for orientation.
declared a major just for the sake of declaring a major,
and started my freshman year.
from the first day,
i absolutely loved it (well, everything except my major) and
through a  series of  meaningful events,
i changed my major to music education.
since that change,
i've had days that have been very rewarding
and days
and days
of struggle.
i've failed  a few classes,
spent countless hours in tutoring,
been completely unmotivated to practice,
missed home,
had my heart broken,
been convinced i'd never get above a 40% on a dictation test,
lost friends,
reconnected with friends and
learned  the importance of knowing when to lead and when to follow.
it was all this struggle
and finally being out on my own
that helped me 
to find myself.
as people ,
we are constantly
but  i am so thankful for the past couple years
and i can't wait to see what is next on the journey
we call life.



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  2. Sometimes life just finds us. :) Happy you found yourself and ended up happy with your choice.

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    1. thank you!! hope you're enjoying your week :)

  3. Love that you found your call, even if it took a little bit. Glad to see you're happy!

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    1. next dictation test: 98.5323497% guaranteed :)

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