Friday, October 5, 2012

friday's letters

Dear weekend, I'm so glad you're here. Finally, a weekend where my only obligation is String Project and attending a few recitals.  I can dig it.  Dear Martin Schmidt, I love love love this sweater you thrifted!  It look so great on you.  I know I'm always on your back about being primal and skipping out on your bagel sandwiches in the morning...but do you want to hear a secret...I may or may not have had a quesadilla at the monkey last night (I'm sorry!).  Dear Diamond and Erica, thank you for flooding campus with your witty campaign index cards.  Dear gym, I'm sorry that I've been neglecting you, I promise that as soon as I'm done this post, I'll be on my way.  Dear Mom and Dad, thank you for always being so supportive and sitting through 4 hours of marching band shows (which I know isn't your favorite) just to watch Mansfield perform for 15 minutes.  It means a lot to me and I'm excited to see you next weekend!  Dear little bro, as much as you try to make me believe that you hate me and don't miss me at all when I'm away at school, I know by the texts and imessages that there is a small place in your heart for me.  Dear Jake Locker's dislocated shoulder, PLEASE GET BETTER ASAP.  I NEED YOU BACK ON MY FANTASY TEAM.

that is all.
live your weekend to the fullest,




  1. Thank god for the weekend! I hope you get some gym motivation soon :)

  2. ha would a funny picture!
    i, too wrote a letter today to my mom and dad for being so supportive. i love my parents. they are amazing people who always show up for everything.
    and that's so funny about your little brother, i know he misses you!
    and i see you love mandolin! do you play? i do! i love it. it's not my first instrument (guitar comes first), but i love it so much!
    glad to have found your blog today via friday letters, definitely following now!

    1. i try to play mandolin haha. i'm a violin major, so violin is my first instrument. i picked up the mandolin because it is strung the same as the violin (well except for the doubled strings). i've had so much fun with it and i always love finding other mando players :)

      thanks for stopping by and following...hope you're enjoying your week!

  3. just found your blog via bloghop! love it! I will be back :) i'm your newest follower! yay!

  4. I betcha' your brother has a big spot, not a little one, in his heart for ya. :)

    Texts are a dead giveaway. ;)

    Happy weekend!