Thursday, November 8, 2012

slow down

this morning,
i  quickly ran to walmart for a few things.
i was on a time limit,
 not feeling very well
and every driver seemed to be getting in my way.
as i finally made it into the parking lot,
an elderly couple pulled out in front of me,
and slowly made their way 
into the lot.
my first reaction :
i was aggravated.
 they were driving so slow,
taking their good old time.
Sound familiar?
but then i got to thinking.
and i know that sometimes elderly people move so  slow,
take so long,
because their bodies have betrayed them
and they simply have no other choice.
but what if,
this isolated incident,
wasn't  for that reason.
i'm sure they too  hustled about in their day, 
complaining that there weren't enough hours in the day.
i'm sure there were days in their life that went by
without a single pause
or a single moment spent in appreciation of life.
what if,
this older and wiser couple
is simply trying to enjoy every single last moment. 
savor the time they have
to do something as simple
as going to walmart together.
maybe they spent  days as many of us do.
focusing only on what we don't have
what we miss
what we aren't
and then one day
all those  "one days"
turned into years.
80 to be exact.
and now, 
they know and appreciate 
the beauty each day,
each moment holds.
and can't help but to move slow,
to enjoy every second.



  1. This is so sweet. Just beautiful and such a good thing to keep in mind.

  2. love this! you are so wise! i wish more people lived this way. none of us are guaranteed another day, we have to live for the moments we have and truly be present in them.

    happy saturday!


  3. so beautiful. i wish i could stop more often to look around and smell the flowers !

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