Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters and...A GIVEAWAY!

I'm linking up again over at Adventures of Newlyweds for Friday Letters and YOU can scroll down to find my first ever giveaway!

Dear Ebay, you make thrifting so easy! No hunting through racks of clothing  and I love love love my golden rod shorts (pictured above) I won last week. Dear Pay Pal, I have a love hate relationship with you.  One click of a button is all it takes, you're so easy to use that it doesn't even feel like spending money. Dear Bank Account, sorry (not sorry) for linking you to my pay pal.  Dear muchloveilly headband (see above), you're so cute and comfortable, i'm in love! (check out muchloveilly's lovely etsy shop here!). Dear Mom, I'm glad you decided to opt out of national take your pet to work day even though I know you were really disappointed you couldn't bring Rusty to work. Dear Duck Dynasty, you crack me up.  especially Uncle Si. new favorite summer tv show!  Dear INSERTYOURNAMEHERE!, thanks for stopping by my blog!  make sure to enter the giveaway below :)

Much love,


 And now...drum roll please....A GIVEAWAY!

In honor of the completion of the first month of Second Hand Solace and summer beach trips, I thought I'd giveaway these lovely painted seashell earrings! Just follow the directions below to enter:

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  1. Pinterest as well! (Apparently, I already was following you on pinterest! it still counts right?)

  2. Love the letters miss! found you over on ashleys page & wanted to say hello!

    Newest bloggy friend & follower of yours! :)

    Say hi back sometime?

  3. I'm a new follower!

    Christen :>

  4. Following you on Pinterest!


  5. Those are cute earrings! I just found your blog and I'm super excited because you are a music ed major AND play mandolin. My husband plays mandolin (since he was about 8) and I, well I USED to be a music ed major, but I switched to elementary ed, but I hold a special place in my heart for music education. Someday I'll go back to school and get my music education endorsement.

    Anyways, that was far longer than it had to be, but I'm excited to meet a music educator in the blog world!

    1. love it! I wish I could say I played the mandolin well, but it's more of something I try to do when I have free time on the side (violin's my major instrument). I hope you're able to go back someday! Sometimes I think it would be really cool to get an elementary ed degree and then incorporate music into that classroom setting and just be known as the singing 2nd grade teacher or something like that :)

  6. Love the headband! Very cute. Just started following your blog. Will have to add you to the sidebar of mine. Feel free to stop by anytime!

  7. My goodness, those earrings are beautiful! I am a follower via GFC

  8. I follow you on twitter (I'm grapet7)

  9. I am following you on Pinterest. (I'm Lynne Foster) I so agree with you about PayPal. I dare not link it to my bank account!