Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Keely Wore!

Happy Wednesday everybody!  This Wednesday kicks off my new summer series entitled "What insertYOURnamehere Wore!".  Each Wednesday, I'll be featuring one of my thrifty friends and their unique styles and thrifting finds.  

I'm super excited to start this series off with a post by Keely.  I met Keely this year in my Instrumental Conducting class and just love her style (she kicks some serious butt on the podium too!).  Check out her find:

Meet Keely!

"I recently went shopping at the Salvation Army here in my town. I found a 
brand new Banana Republic sweater in a 50's style, these 50's style red capris and the shoes are a black and white, Oxford style dress shoe.
My style is a little different, so when I go shopping it's a little difficult for me to find exactly what I like, but whenever I go thrifting, I seem to be able to find outfits and clothes that suit my style exactly. Plus, it was everything half off at the Salvation Army which helped with my shopping decisions!" -Keely

Thanks again to Keely for starting off the series and sharing her find! If you would like to be a part of a Wednesday post, email me at :)

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