Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sousaphones and Afros

Recently, I was telling a close friend the story about how my boyfriend, Nick, and I met each other. She thought it was funny so I thought I'd share it on this little blog. I must admit, our "love story" is pretty quirky and maybe just a little weird, so sit back, grab a beverage and please don't judge us...

Spring 2011: As part of a requirement for my Music Ed degree, I had to join the Mansfield University Marching Band for a semester. I had never marched before, and never really played any instruments you could march.  A couple friends convinced me to sign up to play sousaphone in the band (this is the part of the story where I get the first weird look).  In case you're wondering what a sousaphone is...

(I'm the first girl on the left in the front row)

Ok, so now you're probably wondering what a 30lb piece of brass has to do with love.  Well...lots actually.  Fast forward to August 2011 and the start of band camp (yes, it's a real thing). I've spent the Summer swearing to all my friends that I would NOT be getting into any relationships this school year.  I have no idea what to expect but quickly start to bond with the ten lovely people pictured with me above: the Sousa section.  

And one member of that section starts to catch my attention by the end of camp. He's on the quieter side, but always knows the exact time to throw in a witty comment or joke.  I'm definitely interested in getting to know this kid better, but there's one problem...he's a brother in a music fraternity I swore I'd never date.  

Fast forward a few more weeks, and I find myself at a party with this same boy. Through bus rides, football games and collegiate showcases, I've gotten to know this Phi Mu Alpha brother a little better.  

Turns out, Nick swore he'd never date a girl who's in the music fraternity I'm in (go figure!). Turns out, he's not so quiet after all. We end up talking at this party for awhile, when we're approached by a mutual friend, who happens to have an afro.  Without thinking, I absentmindedly reach my hand up to touch this nicely groomed fro (here's where you're not judging me for wanting to touch it, if you saw his fro, you'd be reaching too).  Slightly embarrassed by my impulsive act, I'm surprised to find that Nick has also reached for the fro. For a split second our eyes meet, and it was love at first fro sighting. Ok, not really, but I just kinda knew that I had to spend more time with this kid.

I won't bore you with the details of the weeks leading up to us getting into "an official relationship", but it just seemed like we shared too many weird little things in common not to have a connection. What can I say...we just seem to 'quirk' together ;)



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