Friday, August 31, 2012

Primal Pinspiration

This past week has been a very eye opening week for me.  You see, I use the My Fitness Pal app daily, but earlier this week I found out that you can look up all our school's cafeteria food on it.  And man, was I shocked.  I knew that the food was most likely high in fat and calories, but both of these were WAY higher than I expected.  I mean, we're talking over 600 calories for one little fish taco from the dining hall and over 900 calories for a panini from the cafe on campus.  Not only are the foods high in calories/fat, there aren't many primal options in our school cafeteria.  The majority of the foods served are starches such as pasta cooked in TONS of butter.  

Thankfully, I'm on the smallest meal plan I can be on and will be trying to do some primal cooking when I have time.  With the long weekend ahead, I figured I'd do lots of primal cooking, and so naturally I went to Pinterest for some inspiration (you can see my favorites below).  I"ll be trying these recipes, along with some others that I can freeze and eat on days when I don't have time to cook. In the next week, check back for posts on eating primal in a not-so-primal college dining hall.  

primal blueprint food pyramid (source)

1. Coconut Banana Pancakes (recipe/source)
2. Spaghetti Squash (directions/source)
3. Avocado Eggs (source)
4. Bacon Mushroom Chicken (source)
5. Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wrap up (source)

1. Vegetable Lasgana (here)
2. Carrot "french fries" (recipe/source)
3. I LOVE this idea of using cucumbers as "bread" to make mini sandwiches with meat and cheese! (source

Enjoy your holiday weekend and good luck in your holiday primal pursuits :)


  1. I love finding healthy blogs!!
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  2. Wow- that all looks so good. I seriously need to start doing (and sticking to) some meal planning!

    Following you via the GFC hop. I'd love for you to come check out the Weekend Blog Walk at At Home Take 2. Lots of great bloggers linking up.

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  3. The avocado and eggs looks really good! I'm a new follower from the Friday Chaos blog hop

  4. New follower from the Weekend Blog Walk. Looking forward to more of your posts on primal foods/cooking. My family eats far too much processed food and I'm looking to "natural us up" a little. :O)