Sunday, September 2, 2012

McDonald's Vs. Sodexo: Round 1

Below you'll find just a small comparison of Sodexo nutrition facts vs. McDonald's. I only chose meals that were a direct comparison.  I used the McDonald's nutrition information on their website and the information on the MyFitnessPal app as sources. I am in no way qualified or an expert on nutrition, but just used the information provided by each of these food services to write this post.

Round 1:

Classic Cheeseburger

               Sodexo Cheeseburger (4 oz)              McDonald's Cheeseburger (4 oz)
                 Calories: 450                                               Calories: 300
                 Total Fat: 28 grams                                      Total Fat: 12 grams
                 Cholesterol: 70 mg                                        Cholesterol: 40 mg
                 Sodium: 390 mg                                            Sodium: 720 mg
                 Total Carbs: 28 g                                          Total Carbs: 33 g
                 Protein: 22 grams                                   Protein: 15 grams

Round 2:

Crispy Chicken Salad

            Jazzman's Crispy Chicken Salad                  McDonald's Crispy Chicken Salad
               Calories: 630                                                    Calories: 450
                       Total Fat: 51 grams                                           Total Fat: 21 grams
                   Cholesterol: 45 mg                                            Cholesterol: 50 mg
                   Sodium: 1,330 mg                                             Sodium: 820 mg
                   Total Carbs: 27 grams                                        Total Carbs: 42 grams
                   Protein: 18 grams                                              Protein: 23 grams

Round 3:

Bacon, Egg and Cheese Bagel

              Jazzman's Bacon,Egg,Cheese Bagel           McDonald's B,E,C Bagel
                Calories: 600                                                  Calories: 560
                    Total Fat: 28 grams                                         Total Fat: 27 grams
                    Cholesterol: 260 mg                                        Cholesterol: 260 mg
                    Sodium: 1180 mg                                             Sodium: 1300 mg
                    Total Carbs: 58 grams                                       Total Carbs: 56 grams
                    Protein: 29 grams                                             Protein: 24 grams

There were  plenty other eye opening Sodexo meals that I would have liked to share on here, but did not because McDonald's does not serve anything similar to it (1 meat lasagna square from Sodexo is 950 CALORIES...crazy, I know).  I'm currently working on doing a comparison of Sodexo and some other local fast food places, so stay tuned for those!

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