Thursday, September 13, 2012

a sweet little giveaway of sorts

a sweet little giveaway of sorts:

I read about this little giveaway over on Isla Everywhere this morning and loved the idea of using it as a way to cheer someone up or make their day. I love getting mail (I mean come on, who doesn't?) so I commented on Isla's post to participate, and well now, I'd love for you to participate as well!

The rules:

+The first three people to comment on this post will receive
a little gift - something personal from me to you.

+Within a year (I'll do it in two months) I'll create something
unique to share with the first three people to
comment on this post.

+But in order to receive your present you have to play along.
Spread the love on your own blog (or facebook) promising to send a
little special something to the first three people
who comment on your post.

+You get 72 hours to re-post, or I'll have to move on to
the next person.

Please leave a comment with your email address (so I can get in contact with you for your address), a link back to your blog or website (I'd love to follow!) and something that you are looking forward to this weekend.  Remember, you want to be one of the first three people to comment :)


  1. Hey girl so I didn't even noticed the title of your post, I just clicked on it because I LOVE your picture! I would love it if I had that view it's gorgeous :)

    Xoxo Jessica

    1. My email is girlbooklet[at]gmail[got]com, the link to my blog is and I am looking forward to my college football game, it will be the first one I will be attending this season :)

    2. Love, love, love college football! Unfortunately, my university only has a sprint football team, so the games aren't too exciting and they have a very limited season.

      I'll be emailing you sometime this weekend for your address. So glad you're participating :)

  2. What a great idea! I am in :) So many things go look forward to this weekend how do I choose? I look forward to sipping my coffee tomorrow morning on my screened in porch and enjoying the beautiful (almost) fall weather why my Beagle sniffs around the yard.


    1. Loving the fall weather, too! I used to have a Beagle, she was such a sweet dog, I think I'll always have a special place in my heart for beagles :)

      I'll be emailing you sometime this weekend for your address. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm in too! Such a wonderful idea....I'll go post it on the blog in a few :)

    brandina at silverfaeries-dragonflies dot com

    1. I love this idea too, especially since it just continues to spread! I'll be contacting you sometime this weekend for your address :)

  4. And my blog is

  5. Here's a link to my post....

  6. I saw this giveaway elsewhere and thought it's possibly the sweetest idea I've ever seen! What a way to pay it forward, that's for sure. Found your blog from Shane's (Whispering Sweet Nothings)! I also see you're doing the Paleo - my best friend is doing it and absolutely loves it! She's doing Crossfit as well! Cannot wait to see what else you post :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees