Monday, October 15, 2012

live beautifully {on my heart}

(these pictures are not my own.  sources can be found here)

i believe
that the world 
is a beautiful, inspiring place,
filled with beautiful and inspiring people.

i believe
that life is best lived 
filled with love, laughter and spontaneity.
that there is good in every person
and a reason they are here on this earth.

i believe
that everything happens for a reason.
our struggles make us who we are,
allow us to help others along their own journey
and  are the only way we can truly appreciate the happy moments.

i believe
that those who have the least
actually have the most.
those who live the simplest
are the happiest.

i believe
in dreaming
and following those dreams 
however crazy and obscure they might be.
in wanting to do everything
go everywhere
and not having to choose one path
for the rest of your life.

i believe
in being completely humbled
by life
and by the
of living.



  1. Hi from the blog hop!!

    I believe all of the same things - this is beautiful. It definitely made me remember all of the things that truly matter. I love the pictures by the way! You have a really cute blog :)

    xo, Heather

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  5. This is delightful, hopeful and inspiring. I believe you did a great job.
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